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IT Consultancy providing Performance Engineering expertise, specializing in the FinTech/HFT industry

About us

From his amateur boxing experience and life-long love of the “Sweet Science”, our CEO knows a thing or two about the primacy of The Jab. It is the quickest available strike which, unlike The Overhand Right or The Left Hook, travels along the straightest path to reach the opponent. No slack, flourishes, or bells & whistles – just Point A to Point B.

Likewise, we aim to remove all unnecessary slack, flourishes, bells & whistles from your technology stack to ensure your Business Applications execute along the quickest, shortest, most effective pathway possible. That’s JabPerf!

We offer services in the areas of Performance Monitoring, Profiling, Analysis, and Tuning, specializing in the low latency FinTech space. Our broad expertise leads to accurate, effective solutions to your toughest performance challenges.

What we offer


Advise on low-impact gathering of systems, network, and application level metrics into a single pane-of-glass view for broad monitoring, alerting, and correlation capabilities


Comprehensively profile C/C++/Java application, JVM, Linux kernel, and packet level activity for precise bottleneck discovery and pointed fix recommendations


Apply sound benchmarking principles and statistical rigor to gathered performance metrics for accurate analysis and reporting


Fine-tune the entire technology stack based on deep systems, network, and kernel internals knowledge attained over a 15+ year career in the performance engineering practice

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