A collection of musings on deeply technical topics distilled through the lens of contemporary cultural analogies

Inclusive Last Level Cache

Last Level Cache: Where It’s Bad To Be Inclusive

I remember when Big Tech focused all their recruitment efforts at prestigious engineering colleges and universities. They’ve since evolved to be more inclusive, casting a wider net that encompasses places like HBCUs and Code Bootcamps. Corporations traditionally reserved “Openness to

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Fear of Commitment to 1st CPU Core

My Fear of Commitment to the 1st CPU Core

“Who hurt you?“ That’s the recurring question every confirmed bachelor, Lothario, and playboy expects to hear around this Valentine’s Day Season. That time of year when couples exchange gifts of love, share romantic dinners, or whisk away on a mini-trip.

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Gift Giving For Developers

A Perfect Holiday Gift for Software Developers

It had been 2 weeks into Illinois Governor Pritzker’s Stay-At-Home Order by the time I received that fateful email. Homebound for longer than I’d ever been before, I’d already binge-watched a couple Netflix shows of middling quality. And the seedlings

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System Interrupts VMAs

System Interrupts: How to Hunt Them Down

“Taylor Swift, I’ma let you finish but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!” Kanye West (2009 MTV Video Music Awards) Up til that point, the musical performances and award presentations had been proceeding without a hitch.

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Musings on Page Tables

5-level vs 4-level Page Tables: Does It Matter?

Ever tipped a mediocre waiter 20% only to discover later that you *tremendously* over-tipped since 18% had been already included? Or installed software that changed your default search engine to Bing before you realized? Or purchased a gift from an

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