A collection of musings on deeply technical topics distilled through the lens of contemporary cultural analogies

Page Table Musings

5-level vs 4-level Page Tables: Does It Matter?

Ever tipped a mediocre waiter 20% only to discover later that you *tremendously* over-tipped since 18% had been already included? Or installed software that changed your default search engine to Bing before you realized? Or purchased a gift from an

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TLB Shootdowns

How to Deter or Disarm TLB Shootdowns

This month marks the 140th Anniversary of the “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” between the Earps and the Cowboys. Legend has it this conflict started from the outlaws’ violation of a city ordinance to hand over firearms while inside city

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Unsanctioned Cache Ping-Pong Games

Cracking Down on Unsanctioned Cache Ping-Pong Games

The late Kimbo Slice gained initial fame beating up rival tough guys in backyard brawls in the early aughts. Current UFC star Jorge Masvidal’s career launched in a similar fashion. Millions have enjoyed watching their street fight videos over the

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